“Have You Been Feeling Like Your Energy Is Constantly Depleting, You Can’t Get Tasks Complete Like You Used To, & You Unconsciously Hold Your Breathe?...


“Watch The Video Below As I Share Why It Has More To Do With Your Breathing Mechanics Than Your Breathing Technique...”



Training 1 on 1 with me is not financially feasible for everyone nor do I have the time resources to serve many people 1 on 1...

So I created a powerful yet affordable group coaching program to expand your wellness practice...

So this is what's included in your membership to The Wellness Dojo:

Monthly Video & Audio Training: available 24 hours a day
Each month has a specific focus leveling up certain areas of your wellness.
Live Group Practice sessions 2x a week
To connect and practice with your new Wellness Community.
Access to my private Telegram group
Access to my private Facebook group: Where you could post questions, ask for feedback and connect with me and other practitioners.
Checklists and simple step by step instructions for your Wellness practice
Mindset Lessons
Self care and lifestyle habit lessons
Holistic Nutrition Lessons
Access To The Warrior Meditations Series
Deep inner work Lessons
And many other bonuses  and topics dripped out monthly to improve your practice...


But don't just take my word for it...

Here is what some of my students had to say...

The majority of my clients I've worked with have left me 3 VERY distinct results they found from doing this process with me.


They found all the aches and pains that were hurting before… The sciatica, the lower back pain, the neck pain, the knees, the ankles, it seemed to go away, almost miraculously.

(By the way, the reason being is you're letting your brain and body suffer longer than it needs to is down to how we adapt and how we can correct that).


They feel more in balance than they've ever felt in their entire life.

Like everything they’re doing is deliberate.

It just feels weightless and effortless and their bodies don’t hurt during and after doing something a quick sprint up a flight of stairs.


The most impactful result for the people who worked with me, was that they re-established a healthy spine.


But don't just take my word for it...





The Wellness Dojo Live
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  • I will receive instant access to all training modules which I can watch at anytime 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world
  • If, by the 12th consecutive session, you still haven’t seen any improvement, then I'm not okay with having your money.  Write to me and I will happily refund you because, karmically I want us all to live well and if I cannot help you, I don't want your money.
  • Do the 12 sessions and I guarantee that you will see a difference to how you feel, breathe, move, and are.

P.S. After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the first of the training videos in the next few minutes.

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